In the lead-up to the public launch of the Australia Child Maltreatment Study results, Prof Ben Mathews, Lead investigator of the ACMS, has been providing requested in-confidence briefings to senior members of Australian Government departments about key ACMS findings.

In-confidence briefings have been provided to the National Office for Child Safety, the Australian Inter-departmental Executive Group, the Attorney-General, and the Office for Women.

These invited in-confidence briefings outlined the prevalence and associated health and behavioural impacts of child maltreatment  Advance knowledge of these findings allows the government time to consider the findings and develop the best policy and practice responses.

“We have been overwhelmed and heartened by the high level of government interest in our data,” said Professor Mathews. “It bodes well for ensuring the ACMS results will have the intended impact in informing policy and practice to better protect Australian children”.

The official public launch of the findings is scheduled for early 2023. A special issue of a major Australian medical journal will be published to coincide with the launch. This special issue will include data about the prevalence of child maltreatment and multi-type maltreatment, as well as associations with mental health conditions, health risk behaviours, and health service utilisation.