Dr Divna Haslam and Prof Daryl Higgins presented at the biennial Helping Families Change conference in Brisbane this February.  This conference, hosted by the Parenting and Family Support Centre at The University of Queensland, showcases some of the best family based research and innovation from around the globe.

On behalf of the ACMS team Dr Haslam presented a paper tilted “Issues in child maltreatment research: A case study of an Australian population survey”. The presentation included challenges to do with ethics and consent in working with youth, identified the challenges associated with the measurement of maltreatment, and provided an overview of how the ACMS addressing current limitations in the field. 

Prof Daryl Higgins, a chief investigator on the ACMS, also presented a paper titled “Families – private and sacred: How to raise the curtain and implement family support from a public health perspective Daryl”. This paper outlined the issues associated with embedding family based support in a broader population health framework and presented a vision of a future where all families receive needed support.