The accurate and valid measurement of the prevalence of child maltreatment can be difficult but is is vitally needed. A new systematic review addressing this issue has just been published in PlosOne by Prof Ben Mathews, Prof Rosana Pacella, and Prof Michael Dunne, from the ACMS team, along with their colleagues Marko Simunovic and Cicely Marston. This review makes a significant contribution to the field at large and formed part of the preparatory work for the ACMS.

The systematic review provides an important update of the state of the literature and the current challenges faced by the field. The review identified 30 national prevalence studies, of all five or at least four forms of child maltreatment, in 22 countries as well. It also identified the best instruments in the field and comments on existing limitations in the field. The paper is available on open access via PlosOne and can be downloaded here