Year of publication / 2023

Public Launch of ACMS findings

Emotional abuse Health risks Measurement Mental health Methodology Multi-type maltreatment Neglect Physical abuse Sexual abuse Suicide and self-harm
Watch the public launch of the ACMS findings

This webinar shows the official launch of the ACMS findings on April 4th, 2023. This event was held at the Queensland University of Technology and hosted by the Australian Centre for Health Law Research.

This video shows the formal proceedings of the launch. It includes an oration by Professor Ben Mathews outlining the key findings of the study including the prevalence and impact of all five types of child maltreatment. You can also download the launch slides here.

Data presented in this oration was published in the Medical Journal of Australia ACMS Supplement. It is also available in the report.  The webinar does not include the panel discussion held live at the launch.