About the study

Our governance framework

The ACMS is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council. The Queensland University of Technology is the host institute for this research project and Professor Ben Mathews is the Lead Investigator on the project. The governance framework comprises three groups.

An Operational Group

The operational group was comprised of the nine chief investigators, the Project Manager, and the Director of Research at the Social Research Centre, our partner research laboratory and any other professional project staff. The operational group is responsible for day to day carriage of the project including all aspects of research design, methodology and implementation. Professor Ben Mathews and the Project Manager oversee the Operational Group.

A National Advisory Board

The Advisory Board comprised approximately 60 members with expertise and seniority to represent the following areas:

  • State and Territory government departments (Communities/Child Safety; Health; Education);
  • State and Territory Children’s Commissioners (or Advocates or Guardians);
  • Australian government departments and agencies (Department of Social Services; National Office for Child Safety; Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet; Australian Institute of Criminology Australian Bureau of Statistics; Australian Institute of Health and Welfare);
  • Community groups, foundations or NGOs with expertise in child maltreatment, prevention, parenting programs, and service provision (including all peak service provider agencies in each State and Territory; ARACY; Save the Children; NAPCAN; CREATE);
  • Clinical and professional sectors dealing with children (e.g., health and education profession stakeholders);
  • Indigenous organisations; and
  • Youth organisations.

Members of the Advisory Board had three broad roles:

  • Advocate for the ACMS with government agencies, relevant stakeholders, and the community as appropriate.
  • Engage as required in the Board’s functions, including responding to requests for advice as needed (e.g., sharing of information, general communication).
  • Advise on optimal knowledge translation of ACMS findings, including: (1) the most effective communication of findings to key stakeholders; (2) providing insights into the most important analyses to conduct; (3) appropriate and sensitive presentation of findings, especially in relation to findings regarding Indigenous Australians, and in relation to other vulnerable or minority populations.


An International Technical Expert Panel

The Technical Expert Panel comprised senior national and international external academics with expertise in a specific area or methodology. The role of the Technical Expert Panel is to provide specific technical advice and support on an as needed basis. A list of the members of the Technical Expert Panel can be found here. Professor Ben Mathews chairs the Panel which meets in subgroups on an as-needed basis.

Our partners

The ACMS is proud to partner with the National Health and Medical Research Council, The Social Research Centre, and the Australian Government on this important project. For more information about our partners please click here.

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