About the study

Technical Expert Panel Members

The Technical Expert Panel is comprised of experienced academics with a speciality area relevant to the ACMS. These experts provide their expertise and support on pro bono basis for this project as needed. They are acknowledged here, and in reports, for their important contribution to this work. Their advice is reviewed by the Operational team and any actual or perceived conflicts are considered in determining whether advice is taken.

Construct Institute
Andrea Gonzalez McMaster University, CANADA
Bernadette Saunders Monash University, AUSTRALIA
Beth Molnar Northeastern University, UNITED STATES
Cathy Ward University of Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
Danya Glaser University College London, UNITED KINGDOM
Deborah Daro Chapin Hall, University of Chicago, UNITED STATES
Delphine Collin-Vézina McGill University, CANADA
Donna Cross Telethon Kids & University of Western Australia, AUSTRALIA
Grace Sarra Queensland University of Technology, AUSTRALIA
Hannah McGee Royal College of Surgeons, IRELAND
Harriet Hiscock Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, AUSTRALIA
Heather Turner University of New Hampshire, UNITED STATES
Howard Dubowitz University of Maryland, UNITED STATES
Janet Fanslow University of Auckland, New Zealand
Jan Nicholson La Trobe University, AUSTRALIA
Jeffrey Edleson University of California, Berkeley, UNITED STATES
Jennie Noll Penn State University, UNITED STATES
Jennifer Green Boston University, UNITED STATES
Juliet Richters University of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
Katie Thurber Australian National University, AUSTRALIA
Kelsey Hegarty University of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Lakshmi Neelakantan University of Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM
Lena Sanci University of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Lenneke Alink Leiden University, The Netherlands
Lorraine Radford University of Central Lancashire, UNITED KINGDOM
Matthew Sanders The University of Queensland, AUSTRALIA
Melissa Jonson-Reid Washington University St Louis, UNITED STATES
Roger Magnusson University of Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Steve Zubrick Telethon Kids & University of Western Australia, AUSTRALIA
Tim Slade University of Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Tracie Afifi University of Manitoba, CANADA

Our partners

The ACMS is proud to partner with the National Health and Medical Research Council, The Social Research Centre, and the Australian Government on this important project. For more information about our partners please click here.