The ACMS aims to provide data and evidence about the best ways to protect children from all kinds of abuse. It’s our belief that the whole of society including government, the community, and schools, as well as parents and families, has a role to play in protecting our children.

This week two of our team, Dr Divna Haslam and Prof Ben Mathews, in collaboration with Prof Kerryann Walsh, published articles in The Conversation that aim to directly equip parents with practical steps to protect their children from sexual abuse both online and in person.

It’s a tough thing for parents to think about but knowledge is power. Parents naturally want to do whatever they can to ensure children a safe and secure in person and online. These articles provide parents with a roadmap of steps they can take to prevent the risk of sexual abuse. Both articles can be read free online at the links below

How to protect kids from in person sexual abuse

How to protect kids from online sexual abuse