Year of publication / 2023

Overview of the ACMS

Health risks Mental health Methodology Prevalence

This infographic provides an overview of the methodology of the ACMS including the sample of 8500 people (aged 16-65 +) and the oversample of young people (n = 3500). It includes the key variables assessed across the major domaints

Suggested citation

Haslam DM, Lawrence D, Mathews B, Higgins D, Hunt A, Scott JG, Dunne MP, Erskine HE, Thomas HJ, Finkelhor D, Pacella, R, Meinck F, & Malacova E. Methodology of the Australian Child Maltreatment Study (ACMS): A national survey of the prevalence of child maltreatment and its correlates. Med J Aust 2023; 218 (6 Suppl): S5-S12.