Year of publication / 2023

Prevalence of maltreatment in young people aged 16-24 years.

Emotional abuse Exposure to domestic violence Neglect Prevalence physical abuse Sexual abuse Youth sample
This infographic presents data from our young person sample of Australians aged 16-24.

This infographic shows the prevalence rates of each of the five types of maltreatment (physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect and exposure to domestic violence) across our youth cohort (ages 16- 24). Specific data on the prevalence in the youth sample is important as these provide the most current rates of maltreatment and are the baseline for subsequent studies.

Similar to our whole of population study this infographic highlights that women are more likely to experience sexual abuse, emotional abuse and neglect and are equally likely to experience physical abuse and exposure to domestic violence.

Suggested citation

We recommend citing the original paper these data come from: Mathews Bet al. (2023) The prevalence of child maltreatment in Australia: findings from a national survey. Med J Aust. 218 (6).