Ahead of the public launch of the Australia Child Maltreatment Study results, Lead investigator Professor Ben Mathews has provided in-confidence briefings to the National Mental Health Commission, and the National Centre for Action on Child Sexual Abuse.

These in-confidence briefings have outlined ACMS findings on the prevalence and associated health and behavioural impacts of child maltreatment. Providing this information in advance of public release enables these key agencies to consider the findings and their implications for future enhanced policy, practice, and prevention strategies.

Professor Mathews said: “We are delighted these influential agencies have been so engaged with the ACMS and its findings. We look forward to ongoing conversations with them to consider the implications of our findings for future enhancements to policy and practice to better prevent child maltreatment through a precision public health approach.”

The official public launch of the findings is scheduled for early 2023. A special issue of a major Australian medical journal will be published to coincide with the launch. This special issue will include articles presenting findings about the prevalence of child maltreatment and multi-type maltreatment, and associations with mental health conditions, health risk behaviours, and health service utilisation.