Thank you Australia! The Australian Child Maltreatment Study has officially completed data collection ahead of schedule during a pandemic! A whopping 8503 interviews have been completed!

This $2.8 million study is the first national prevalence study of child maltreatment and its correlates in Australia. It will have direct policy and practice relevance & help prevent abuse and neglect in Australia. Thanks to the Australian Government & QUT (Queensland University of Technology).

Celebrating milestones & recognising contributions are important! Our team wants to publically acknowledge all those who made this possible.

First a huge thank you to the 8503 randomly selected Australians (aged 16-65+) who participated in our interviews. Your voices are critical and will help prevent child abuse and neglect. Special heartfelt thanks also to victim-survivors and laypeople who provided feedback on our instrument.

Thank you to our amazing interviewers from The Social Research Centre and to Nikki Honey & Diana Nguyen for leading the data collection.

Thank you to nView Health. We are excited to be using the MINI because it provides clinical diagnostic data, not just symptomatology, which has direct policy relevance. Rochelle your support has been so appreciated.

Thank you to our Advisory Board (comprised of State, Territory & Federal Govt representatives, and reps from all key agencies) and to our Technical Expert Panel (comprised of international research leaders in this field). There are too many to name but your guidance and ongoing support are appreciated. Your advice makes our study stronger and more relevant

Finally thank you to our partners QUT (Queensland University of Technology), QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Institute of Child Protection Studies, The University of Queensland, Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research, The University of Western Australia, University of New Hampshire, The University of Edinburgh University of Greenwich.

On behalf of our team Ben Mathews (Lead Investigator), Rosana Pacella, Daryl Higgins, James Scott, Hannah Thomas, Franziska Meinck Holly Erskine, Michael Dunne, David Lawrence, & David Finkelhor.