Journal article

Year of publication / 2024

The prevalence of child maltreatment among those with gender and sexuality diverse identities

gender diverse Multi-type maltreatment sexuality diverse

This paper titled Prevalence of Diverse Genders and Sexualities in Australia and Associations With Five Forms of Child Maltreatment and Multi-type Maltreatment outlines the high prevalence of all forms of child maltreatment and of multi-type maltreatment among those who self identify as having a diverse gender or sexuality identity.

The paper is available open access here.

Suggested citation

Higgins, D. J., Lawrence, D., Haslam, D. M., Mathews, B., Malacova, E., Erskine, H. E., … & Scott, J. G. (2024). Prevalence of diverse genders and sexualities in Australia and associations with five forms of child maltreatment and multi-type maltreatment. Child maltreatment, 10775595231226331.