With the ACMS launch coming up on April 4 the ACMS team has been giving a number of advance in-confidence briefings to those charged with ensuring Australian Children are safe and supported.

In January Prof Ben Mathews provided a briefing to all State and Territory Children’s Commissioners. This advanced knowledge of the findings ahead of public release ensures the Commissioners have the most up-to-date data so they can adequately advise on strategies to enhance the welfare of children.

The briefing was arranged by National Children’s Commissioner Anne Hollonds and Principal Commissioner of the Queensland Family and Child Commission Commissioner Luke Twyford.

“We are grateful to Commissioners Hollonds and Twyford for the chance to share these important but sobering findings about levels of maltreatment in Australia” said Professor Mathews.

A special issue of a major Australian medical journal will be published to coincide with the launch. This special issue will include articles presenting findings about the prevalence of child maltreatment and multi-type maltreatment, and associations with mental health conditions, health risk behaviours, and health service utilisation.